The Wire Mesh Authority

Established in 1987, Eastern Wire started as a manufacturer of various types of wire. Over the years, the company committed itself to expand its products and services in order to meet all forms of construction needs.​
The name Eastern Wire has long been synonymous with top quality construction products. This is a natural result of the company’s commitment to investing in the best people, materials and procedures. The company is led by a team of highly experienced engineers, builders and business managers who focus on meeting the varied needs of its customers using breakthrough solutions. The company also subjects every product to stringent quality management and quality control procedures, and uses only top-of-the-line materials and machines sourced both domestically and internationally to guarantee the highest level of product quality.

The Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and supply all the different types of wire mesh, fencing, and hardware products for the Philippines' local construction industry.

The Vision

Our company aims to be the backbone of stronger and more resilient infrastructures using locally manufactured quality products, leading to a better quality of life for the Filipino people.